PressTV-Jewish US senator calls Israeli Gaza killings ‘tragic’

US independent Senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has called the recent killings of Palestinians by Israeli forces “tragic.”

Vermont Senator Sanders — himself a Jew — said in two Twitter posts on Saturday that Palestinian people had a right to protest without being exposed to violence.

On Friday, March 30, thousands of Palestinians in the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip started a protest action to mark Land Day, the day in 1976 when Israeli troopers killed six Arab “citizens” of Israel who were protesting the confiscation of land by the Tel Aviv regime.

The protest action is planned to continue for six weeks, during which the participants will be staying in tents to also demand the return to their homeland of Palestinians displaced by Israeli aggression and occupation.

Israel has deployed hundreds of forces to the buffer zone with Gaza, including 100 snipers who have been given authorization to use live…

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