PressTV-‘Israel, Saudis plotting with US against Iran’

A deal between the US and Israel during a secret meeting in Washington earlier in December is aimed at “escalating the conflict” against Iran to destabilize the Middle East and isolate the Palestinians, according to an American activist and author.

“It’s clear that the regime of [Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, in conjunction with the Saudis, is plotting with the United States to create an escalating conflict with Iran,” said Ralph Schoenman, the author of “The Hidden History of Zionism.”

This is “part of the agenda of both isolating the Palestinian people and engendering new predations throughout the region,” Schoenman told Press TV on Friday.

“There’s no basis for this, other than the intention to roll-back any possibility of resisting the elimination of the rights of the peoples of the region to their self-determination,” he added.

Senior officials from the United States and Israel have secretly met in…

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