PressTV-Iran’s FM Zarif on Bolton: ‘Same bull, same bully’

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has hit out at US National Security Advisor John Bolton’s anti-Iran stance, saying the Iran hawk has long supported a military attack against the country.

In a play on the viral 10-year challenge meme on social media, Zarif mocked Bolton’s calls for a strike on Iran, posting on his twitter account the titles of two separate articles from 2009 and 2019, in which Bolton urged attack on Iran.

In the first article, published by The Washington Post on July 2, 2009, Bolton advised Israel to use “military force” against what he had said was “Tehran’s nuclear weapons program,” repeating Washington’s claims that Iran’s nuclear activities had a military aspect. The second article reflected a revelation by The Wall Street Journal last Sunday that showed Bolton had asked the Pentagon in September to prepare military options for an attacking on Iran.

The Journal reported that the…

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