PressTV-Iran ‘a formidable force’, says Fox analyst

US conservative political commentator for Fox News, Tucker Carlson, says Iran is “a formidable force,” warning the administration of US President Donald Trump over escalating tensions with Tehran.

Tucker Carlson made the comment on Fox News, warning that Trump’s  approach towards Iran could destroy his presidency.

“We are moving toward confrontation with Iran. That should worry everybody, but it should especially concern the president’s supporters. If President Trump decides to go to war with Iran, it will destroy his presidency, just as the Iraq War destroyed the presidency of his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush,” he said.

US foreign policy establishment ‘ensnaring’ Trump in Iran

He further suggested that the US foreign policy establishment is responsible for heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington as it is trying to “ensnare” The president in Iran

“If there was a swamp in Washington, you’re looking…

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