PressTV-How US is misleading world on Afghanistan

Almost two decades into its the occupation of Afghanistan, the United States insists that its 2001 invasion of the country has paid off as Taliban and other militants have been put on the back foot.

So far, over 2,200 American soldier have been killed in Afghanistan while the US has spent more than $840 billion to win the so-called war on terror in the country.

That makes the Afghan war even more expensive than the Marshal Plan, which helped to rebuild Europe after World War II, according to estimates by the New York Times.

The war’s massive cost has put US leaders under pressure to show that they are winning and the situation in Afghanistan is actually improving.

But a closer look by the NYT has proven otherwise.

While Washington constantly claims that Taliban is on the run and keeps losing ground, a review of the group’s surge in various parts of Afghanistan proves otherwise.

Taliban’s strength

Since 2017, the militant group have…

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