PressTV-How Iran can defeat machinations of US imperialism

By Dennis Etler

The US has a number of arrows in its quiver that are used to destabilize nations which resist its hegemony. Its ultimate goal is to either impose regime change, installing a Quisling government that will comply with its wishes, or destroy them as viable nations, becoming failed states as in Libya.

The US has vast experience in applying a variety of tactics to accomplish its mission of full spectrum dominance. In order to prepare the ground the US engages in prolonged campaigns disseminating disinformation. In conjunction with the spread of propaganda against the targeted country the US cultivates an internal 5th column that serves as an echo chamber amplifying the message concocted by the CIA and promulgated by the subservient Western media.

This is facilitated by the second arrow in the US imperialist quiver, economic warfare. Since the US has set the rules for international commerce and finance it has inordinate control over…

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