PressTV-Germans want US troops pullout: Poll

Germans want the withdrawal of American troops from their country, a new poll says, amid US President Donald Trump’s threats to discontinue military support for the Western military alliance of NATO.

A YouGov poll for the German news agency DPA found that more Germans would welcome the withdrawal of the 35,000-strong American force than would oppose it, British online newspaper The Independent reported Wednesday.

Meanwhile, 42 percent said they supported withdrawal while just 37 percent wanted the soldiers to stay, with 21 percent undecided. 

The finding comes on the first day of a NATO summit, during which the US president is expected to press Europe to increase military spending if it wants to continue to receive American military support.

US troops have been stationed in Germany since the Second World War. 

There are nearly 36 US military bases in Germany, a significant reduction from over 200 that were located there until the…

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