PressTV-Far-right behind rise in UK hate crimes: Imam

An Imam in Washington has warned of an increase in far-right-orchestrated hate crimes against minority groups, including Muslims, in Manchester and other British cities, where more cases of hateful behavior has been reported over the past year.

Abdul Alim Musa, Imam of Masjid al-Islam in Washington, told Press TV on Monday that a surge in the number of hate crimes against people from different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds in the Greater Manchester area, as reported earlier in the day in the Guardian, was a result of increased activities of far-right groups who portray minorities as a threat to the European culture.

“When you mix that with the threat of European culture being invaded by Asian and African and Indian cultures …Manchester is one of those cities that is highly sensitive,” said Musa while elaborating on the fact that Manchester is a city highly populated by Muslims of the indo-Pakistani origin.

The Imam further…

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