PressTV-‘Fair mix’ in US military to foil nuclear war

“Individuals” holding key positions in the US military and the intelligence community are the ones to truly decide about launching a nuclear war against North Korea, an analyst suggests.

Speaking to Press TV on Wednesday, Scott Rickard, a former American intelligence linguist, speculated that a first strike by the US is unlikely.

He was commenting on a Tuesday hearing by US Senate Foreign Relations Committee to examine US President Donald Trump authority to launch a nuclear strike.

“The US military and a lot of strategic individuals involved at the Pentagon in the civilian and military as well as intelligence spaces all have the ability to override the president in the event that he makes an illegal first strike request to conduct a nuclear attack on another country,” said the Orland-based abalyst. “There is a lot of politicized influence in those respective groups.”

Trump has adopted a fiery rhetoric against North Korea,…

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