PressTV-Ex-US officials warn Trump to close Guantánamo prison

Former US officials who helped set up and run the notorious US military prison in Guantánamo Bay have warned President Donald Trump’s administration about the economic consequence of keeping the facility open.

In a major foreign policy shift announced in Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, the president signed an executive order to reverse former President Barack Obama’s eight-year effort to close the facility in Cuba.

Trump also predicted that “many” new inmates could soon be flown there.

But those involved in establishing the detention center and running military tribunals there under former President George W. Bush warned that the move would be counterproductive, draining money, stretching the military and acting as a recruiting sergeant for terrorist groups around the world.

The former US officials and military lawyers warned that Trump risks repeating a $6 billion mistake by keeping it open.

“With respect to…

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