PressTV-Europeans working against US efforts to harm Iran deal

Major powers in Europe have been working to find ways to nullify efforts by US President Donald Trump to undermine a nuclear deal with Iran, says David O’Sullivan, the European Union ambassador to the United States.

O’Sullivan said the capitals in Europe believed that there was almost no justification to sabotage the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran that had proved to be working well under international norms, adding that Trump’s efforts to reintroduce sanctions that Iran managed to get lifted through the deal were just helpless.

“We removed the sanctions which were part of the deal, and in good faith you cannot put back those sanctions without due cause,” said O’Sullivan in a Monday meeting with a group of journalists in Washington.

The diplomat said the EU was searching for an accommodation with Washington over the issue, but said that Brussels was determined to protect the nuclear deal as it was “fundamental” to the…

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