PressTV-EU risks hurting its image over Brexit

Britain has once more criticized the European Union’s leadership over its “ideological purity” pushing the sides into an undesirable no-deal Brexit.

British trade minister Liam Fox said on Tuesday that Brussels risks damaging the European Union’s image in the world if it insists that Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit) be in strict accordance with its own “ideological purity”, regardless of the common needs of the people of the continent.

Earlier on Tuesday Britain’s foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt had said chances of a no-deal Brexit was not negligible.

He added that it would be a big geo-strategic mistake for the whole European continent if Britain left the EU next year without a deal.

Asked by the UK-based Sky News if he agreed with Hunt’s assumptions regarding the no-deal Brexit, Fox said: “If the European Union decides that it wants to put … the ideological purity of the bureaucracy of Brussels ahead of the…

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