PressTV-EU reforms can change UK minds on Brexit: Tony Blair

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has urged European Union leaders to reform the EU so British people “change their mind” about Brexit, saying Britain will lose its influence if it exits the bloc.

Speaking at the European Policy Centre in Brussels on Thursday, Blair argued that if “comprehensive” immigration reforms are offered, Brexit can then be “averted” via another referendum, this time on the final deal reached with the EU.

“Britain without Europe will lose weight and influence. But Europe without Britain will be smaller and diminished. And both of us will be less than we are and much less than we could be together,” Blair said.

“And Europe, to retain the ability to protect its interests and values, will need to form a strong bloc with the power collectively to do what no European nation alone will be able to do individually,” he said about a time when the “west would no longer dominate”.

Blair told EU leaders they should treat Brexit…

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