PressTV-‘EU migrants contribute more to UK economy than British’

Migrants from the European Union contribute thousands of pounds more each year to the UK public purse than British people, according to a new report by the think tank Oxford Economics. 

The study showed that each year on average, EU migrants contribute £2,300 more to the Exchequer than their British counterparts.

The study also indicated that many EU migrants leave the country before retirement age and before claiming pensions and other benefits, which means they are less of a drain on the welfare state. 

In the course of a lifetime EU migrants on average pay in £78,000 more than they take out in benefits and other public services and utilities. The average UK citizen’s net lifetime contribution is zero.

The study comes as Britain prepares to leave the EU next March, with freedom of movement set to end for many EU nationals and the ability to live and work in the UK. Britain’s exit will also take it out of the Single Market and the…

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