PressTV-‘Emergency declaration in US still on table’

US President Donald Trump may still declare a national emergency in the country to go solo in building a wall on the southern border without a green light from Congress, the White House says.

During a prime time address to the nation Tuesday night, Trump refused to mention the possibility of declaring a national emergency although he had threatened to do so.

But White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told Fox News on Wednesday that the declaration is “certainly still an option” and “something that’s on the table.”

“We’re hopeful, again, that they get serious about doing their jobs and work with us to accomplish these things,” Sanders said.

Funding for the wall has been has led to a budget impasse, causing the ongoing partial government shutdown despite several rounds of negotiations with Democrats.

Trump demands over $5 billion, for which he is “proud” to have shut down the government but Democrats are not offering more…

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