PressTV-Democrats’ victory margin unseen since Watergate

The Democratic Party’s victory in the recent midterms elections had a margin not seen since Watergate in the United States.

Data compiled by NBC News, released Wednesday, demonstrated the biggest midterm victory since the mid-seventies scandal.

Democrats gained a higher number of popular votes even more than the time the party earned 8.7 million more votes than Republicans in 1974, shortly after former President Richard Nixon, a Republican, resigned from the Oval Office.

As more votes roll in in the wake of the November 6 elections, the gap is reportedly widening between the two mainstream parties with the Democrats having gained 53.1 percent of the overall vote in the House races and Republicans 45.2 percent.

The left-wing is in possession of a net gain of almost 40 House seats as they earned a 234 to 199 majority in the incoming House while two seats are yet to be called.

In a major blow to President Trump, Democrats scored a critical…

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