PressTV-Democrats fall behind Republicans in US midterm races

After suffering a humiliating defeat in blocking US President Donald Trump’s latest pick for the Supreme Court, Democrats now find themselves in a disadvantage against Republicans nearly two weeks before the November 6 congressional midterm elections.

While Democrats were confidently speaking of a “blue wave” that would win them majority in both Senate and the House of representatives, their failure to keep Judge Brett Kavanaugh out of the Supreme Court seems to have taken its toll and tipped the scales in favor of their rivals.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation earlier this month, which came despite several sexual assault claims against him, polarized the electorate and cost Democrats dearly.

Republican Senate nominees in Texas and Tennessee, two states where Democrats thought they could pull major upsets, have now opened major gaps to their rivals, The Hill reported Sunday.

US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who has increased his lead over his…

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