PressTV-Democrats continue to battle Trump over border wall

The US House of Representatives has approved legislation that would end a 13-day partial government shutdown, ignoring President Donald Trump’s demand for $5 billion for a wall on the US-Mexico border.

On their first day in the majority in the 116th Congress, House Democrats passed the government funding legislation on Thursday.

The Republican president has threatened to veto the bill if it does not authorize $5 billion to fund a border wall.

The largely party-line votes came after Trump made a surprise appearance at the White House briefing room pledging to keep up the fight for his signature campaign promise.

Thursday marked the first day of divided government in Washington since Trump took office in January 2017, as Democrats took control in the House from his fellow Republicans, who remain in charge of the Senate.

Congressional leaders from both parties held unproductive talks with Trump at the White House on Wednesday and are to return…

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