PressTV-Democrats can ‘absolutely’ win rural America: Sanders

United States Senator Bernie Sanders has proclaimed that Democrats can “absolutely”  win back rural American votes from Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections.

Amid a Republican drive for entitlement reform, progressive initiatives covering issues such as social security and safety net programs are appealing enough for rural voters to win back their support, Sanders told The Hill on Monday.

“Look, what the Republican Party is today, … this is a party that worked as hard as they could to give a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the top 1 percent and to incredibly profitable large corporations,” added Sanders.

The independent senator made the comments in support of House of Representatives candidate J.D. Scholten, a Democrat he has been recently campaigning for in Iowa.

“J.D. can go around in the most conservative parts of this district and I doubt there are too many people who think we should give tax breaks to…

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