PressTV-Clinton warns of surveillance, artificial intelligence

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has voiced concern about the dangers linked to artificial intelligence, including the US government’s use of programs designed for espionage for recording “everything we know and everything we say and everything we write.” 

In a report published by The Verge on Thursday,  Clinton said America is “totally unprepared” for the economic and societal effects of artificial intelligence.

The former secretary of state said the world was “racing headfirst into a new era of artificial intelligence” that would affect “how we live, how we think, [and] how we relate to each other.”

“A lot of really smart people, you know, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, a lot of really smart people are sounding an alarm that we’re not hearing. And their alarm is artificial intelligence is not our friend,” she stated.

She said the greatest danger loomed in two specific areas: spying and…

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