PressTV-Children in UK school ‘eating from bins’, head teacher says

A headmaster in northwest England has revealed that children in her school are so food-deprived that they “eat from bins.”

Siobhan Collingwood said a significant number of pupils in her school in Morecambe, Lancashire, were from families who rely on food banks and have no means of feeding their children.

“When children are food deprived it alters their behavior and they do become quite food obsessed, so we have some children who will be stealing fruit cores from the bins,” she said in an interview to the BBC.

The teacher said many children did not reveal to the school authorities that they were from poor families.

“We have children who have nothing in their lunch boxes and children who are just fixated upon food,” she said, adding that there were currently 35 children at her school who were definitely from families dependent on food banks.

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