PressTV-Cancelling Brexit will be devastating: UK FM

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned that if the government cancels results of a June 2016 referendum in which Britons decided for their country to leave the European Union, it would have harsh impacts on the United Kingdom’s social fabric.

Speaking in Singapore during a question-and-answer session on Wednesday, Hunt said that social consequences of not leaving the EU would be “devastating.”

The comments come as some believe if the British parliament rejects a divorce deal signed between Prime Minister Theresa May and the EU, Britain could opt to cancel Brexit altogether and call a fresh referendum that would allow the country to remain in the bloc.

However, May and other senior government officials have rejected the possibility for a second referendum on Brexit, saying it would be highly controversial and further divide the nation along political lines.

Hunt reiterated that a second vote on Brexit or a vote on May’s own Brexit…

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