PressTV-‘Brits who left home for Daesh should be killed’

British members of the Daesh (ISIL) Takfiri terrorist group should be hunted down and killed to ensure they never return back home, says UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson.

The newly-appointed senior official made the comments in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper on Thursday, adding that there was deliberate targeting of UK-born terrorists by the armed forces fighting the Takfiri outfit in Syria and Iraq.

“Quite simply, my view is a dead terrorist can’t cause any harm to Britain,” Williamson said. “I do not believe that any terrorist, whether they come from this country or any other, should ever be allowed back into this country. We should do everything we can do to destroy and eliminate that threat.”

The British defense secretary said terrorist groups in Libya, Iraq and Syria were breeding grounds for plotting attacks in the UK, stressing that, “Our job in terms of eliminating will not stop this year, will not stop…

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