PressTV-Britons admit to division, distrust in UK: Poll

A new poll published in the United Kingdom shows that a significant majority of people have a grim view of social and political situation in the country.

Results of the poll published by the Sky Data, a subsidiary of the Sky News organization, showed that social divides were at the most acute levels in the history of Britain as most of the people were united in their fear of the future and distrust in the political leadership.

The poll said 75 percent of people in the UK, excluding the population on Northern Ireland, believed that the country is deeply divided with the cynicism being even more visible among the younger generation.

It said nearly nine in 10 people, some 87 percent, believed that the political leadership in the UK cared “not very much, or not at all” about people “like them”.

Some 79 percent of the respondents said that they felt unable to “make a difference” in how their government operates.

A major striking…

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