PressTV-‘British elites committed to Israel’s defense’

An expert has told the Press TV that British elites do not actually need any puppeteering from outside to stay committed to Israel as they always see any threat to the regime in Tel Aviv as a threat to the old alliance between the Zionists and Britain.

“I don’t think certain British MPs and opinion-makers need to be prodded by the Israeli state they are always loyal to Israel and they are committed to defending Israel,” Chris Bambery, an author and poetical activist from London said on Friday.

The comments come amid a row over positions of leader of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn on Israel and its crimes against the Palestinians, which some in the UK have sought to depict as racist and against Jews.

Corbyn has lashed out at those criticisms, saying Israel controls even the speeches made by certain lawmakers of the British parliament.

Bambery said attacks on Corbyn over his pro-Palestinian position were systematic…

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