PressTV-British and French fishing boats clash in ‘scallop war’

An old row between the United Kingdom and France over rights to scallop fishing in seas near France’s Normandy coast have escalated after French and British fishermen clashed in the English Channel in the latest outbreak of the so-called “scallop wars.”

British authorities demanded Paris to respect rules that regulate the practice in the area.

In a statement on Wednesday, UK environment secretary Michel Gove called on French authorities to intervene in a surging dispute between French and British fishermen in the Baie de Seine area off the coast of Normandy where rival boats were seen earlier this week clashing with each other.

Gove said British fishermen who were attacked by French rivals had a legal right to operate in the area.

“They were fishing entirely legally, they had every right to be in those waters and we talked to the French authorities in order to ensure that we have a protocol,” said Gove.

“These are French waters…

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