PressTV-Britain’s UKIP calls for ‘total’ EU pullout

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has launched a populist manifesto calling for a complete and total withdrawal of Britain from the European Union as the government struggles to negotiate a deal with the EU on how the country will leave the bloc in March next year.

The manifesto document published on Friday by UKIP leader Gerard Batten said that Britain should end all payments to the EU and stop adhering to the bloc’s rules.

The party also reiterated its previous positions on immigration, saying the government should be more selective and limited in its approach to the issue.

The 17-page manifest also called for scrapping overseas aid, lowering domestic taxes and a tougher approach to taxing multinational companies.

UKIP was one of the main drivers of a referendum in 2016 that saw Britons vote for their country to leave the EU. Its former leader, talismanic politician Nigel Farage, was a key figure in the Leave campaign.

However, UKIP has…

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