PressTV-Britain deploys military to tackle refugee crisis

Britain’s Home Office (interior ministry) has demanded the country’s military to deploy its vessels to the English Channel to contain a surge in refugee crossings in the waterway.

British media said on Thursday that the Royal Navy had been deployed to the Channel to tackle the problem of increasing number of refugees risking their lives while trying to reach southern English coasts.

The Independent newspaper said Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson was to send a military vessel to the area after interior minister Sajid Javid sent a letter demanding the deployment.

A spokesman of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said the HMS Mersey was ready to be deployed after the official request of the Home Office.

“Our armed forces stand ready to provide additional capacity and expertise to assist the Home Office with the response to migrant crossings,” said the official, adding that the deployment was meant to protect the integrity of the UK…

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