PressTV-‘Brexit to tremendously affect UK Queen’s finances’

Britain’s exit from the European Union without a Brexit deal with the bloc would have a tremendous affect on the finances of the British royal family and Queen Elizabeth ll will feel it, an expert says.

Masoud Shadjareh, a political analyst from the Islamic Human Rights Commission, told press TV in an interview on Saturday that the current state of affairs surrounding Brexit negotiations shows that the Queen will be one of those worse affected by Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

“Leaving the EU and the possibility of a no-deal Brexit will be tremendously damaging for both the EU and for Britain,” said Shadjareh, adding, “ (it) is going to be very damaging for everyone in Britain and will have a tremendous impact on the finances of the Queen who is one of the richest individuals in the United Kingdom.”

The expert said increasing disputes on how Britain should conduct the final phases of its negotiations with the EU to finalize its…

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