PressTV-Brexit deal possible in next couple of weeks: Irish PM

Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said a deal between Britain and the European Union over Britain’s exit from the bloc was possible in weeks, despite continued political haggling over the future of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“A successful outcome is not guaranteed but I think it is possible in the next couple of weeks,” Varadkar said at the British Irish council on Friday.

Less than five months before Britain is due to leave the EU on March 29, negotiators are still haggling over a backup plan for the land border between British-ruled Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland should they fail to clinch a deal.

The DUP, the Northern Irish party on whose parliamentary votes British Prime Minister Threasa May relies to keep her in power, cast her Brexit negotiation as a betrayal earlier on Friday because it believes it could allow Northern Ireland to be separated from the UK.

Varadkar said that while the DUP was…

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