PressTV-Brexit deal can get through UK parliament: Hunt

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt has said that the parliament can pass Prime Minister Theresa May’s controversial deal on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union if the bloc provides clarification that the Northern Irish “backstop” will be not permanent.

The so-called backstop clause of the Brexit deal is an insurance policy designed to prevent the return of border checks between Ireland, which is an EU member, and British-ruled Northern Ireland.

The backstop was a main bone of contention in talks between UK Prime Minister Theresa May and the EU over the past two years. The EU insists it should be able to include Northern Ireland in its customs union and move the border to the Irish Sea until a mechanism is found for bilateral trade.

Critics say the clause would undermine the UK’s sovereignty as it effectively separates Northern Ireland from the mainland Britain.

The clause has proved to be the biggest obstacle to a Brexit…

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