PressTV-Boris Johnson leaves Foreign Office mansion

Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has finally left a taxpayer-funded home amid public criticism that he was making money by staying in the mansion while renting his own property in London.

Workers loaded a series of white boxes into removal vans parked outside the grace-and-favor home in One Carlton Gardens in central London late on Monday.

The property used by Johnson during his time as foreign minister was believed to be leased by the Foreign Office for a rent of 482,341 pounds a year in 2015.

People gathered outside the house in protest over the past few days. The protesters, many of them opposed to Johnson’s role in the victory of a referendum for Britain to leave the European Union two years ago, parked a removal van outside the property with a banner reading “Leave Means Leave Removals Ltd”, a reference to Johnson’s famous slogan during the Brexit campaign.

The protesters believed Johnson had wasted tens of…

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