PressTV-Bolton wants Trump to quit nuke treaty with Russia

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton is reportedly pushing President Donald Trump to withdraw from a treaty designed to prevent a nuclear arms race between the US and Russia.

Citing sources familiar with the issue, The Guardian reported Friday that Bolton recommended Trump pull out of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) on the grounds that Russia had violated it by developing new cruise missiles.

The proposal has been met with opposition from some officials within the State Department and the Pentagon, postponing a White House meeting on the matter which was scheduled for Monday.

The Cold War-era INF will reach its congressionally imposed deadline early next year.

The 2019 military spending bill requires Trump to notify the Senate by January 15 of whether Russia is in “material breach” of the INF, and whether the deal should remain legally binding.

According to the report, former US officials say…

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