PressTV-Bannon vows ‘season of war’ on Republican MPs

Former chief strategist to US President Donald Trump has declared a “season of war” against the country’s Republican lawmakers, vowing to help elect replacements for any Republican senators that opposes his former boss.

“Right now it’s a season of war against the GOP establishment,” Stephen Bannon said on Saturday at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, an annual conference of evangelical conservatives to which Trump also spoke on Friday. 

Bannon, known for his ultra-right views, further censured Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, insisting that he has been getting calls to find “the Brutus” to his “Julius Caesar,” comparing the veteran Kentucky Senator to the Roman emperor who was stabbed in the back by his trusted friend.

“Yeah, Mitch, the donors are not happy. They’ve all left ya. We’ve cut your oxygen off, Mitch, OK?” Bannon boasted on Saturday.

McConnell has been blamed for the failure of Senate Republicans to advance…

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