PressTV-‘Americans see more corruption in Trump era’

Americans say the US society has become significantly more corrupt in the year since Donald Trump became president, a new survey suggests.

According to a survey conducted by Transparency International, a global corruption watchdog, nearly six in 10 say they believe corruption has increased in the last 12 months, up from about a third in January 2016.

In the latest survey published Tuesday, 44 percent of Americans say corruption is widespread in the White House, showing an increase of eight percentage points and overtaking Congress as the part of government most frequently cited as corrupt, the survey found.

“Our elected officials are failing to build back trust in Washington’s ability to serve the people and still appear to represent elite corporate interests,” Transparency’s US Representative Zoe Reiter said in a statement.

The survey also reported that nearly seven in 10 also believe the government is failing to fight corruption,…

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