PressTV-Alarm in US as interest in 3D-printed guns rises

American gun enthusiasts are rushing to download online models for 3D-printed guns, prompting warnings from authorities and firearm experts about a new wave of violence caused by “ghost guns.”

The newly-found trend has seen over 1000 people already download plans to make AR-15 semi-automatic rifles at the comfort of their homes using commercially-available 3D printers, the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro warned Monday.

The extraordinary number of downloads, given the relatively new nature of 3D-printing, came despite a court agreement that had banned the digital firearms company Defense Distributed from promoting the product until at least Wednesday.

“Defense Distributed, had promised that on August 1, ‘the age of the downloadable gun formally begins,’” said Shapiro’s office.

“Today, the defendants claimed in court that they began distributing gun files even earlier — on Friday. By Sunday, 1,000 people…

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