PressTV-2,000 US troops in Syria, Pentagon admits

The US military has finally acknowledged that there are around 2,000 US troops in Syria, confirming reports that it previously disputed about the real troop levels in the Arab country.

Pentagon spokesman Army Colonel Rob Manning announced the new number on Wednesday, claiming that it was declining.

Washington was going to take a “conditions-based” approach to removing its forces from Syria, Manning said.

Although the number does not mean that the US has been sending additional troops, it still confirms earlier government data that contradicted the Pentagon’s official count.

While the Pentagon insisted a month ago that it had only sent 503 troops in Syria, a quarterly report by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) put the number at around 1,720, more than three times higher.

The same report, issued in September, showed that there were 8,992 American troops in Iraq, almost 3,500 more than the Pentagon’s official tally of 5,262.


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