PressTV-2 US state lawmakers quit over sex claims

Two lawmakers in the US state of Minnesota have resigned from their jobs after being hit by sexual misconduct allegations, amid a widespread scandal that has engulfed many American politicians and entertainers over the past weeks.

Democratic Senator Dan Schoen and his Republican colleague Representative Tony Cornish announced their decision to resign less than two weeks after they a number of women accused them of misdeeds that ranged from groping colleagues to persistent unwanted sexual advances.

Schoen, who has allegedly grabbed a woman’s buttocks at a campaign event and made unwanted advances toward others, was the first to resign. He is also accused of sending lewd photos to a female Senate employee

Denying reports that the lawmaker resigned because of his misconduct, Schoen’s attorney said he felt could no longer be effective in his role.

Within hours from Schoen’s resignation, Cornish also announced his intention to resign by…

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