President Trump: Oscars Not a Very Glamorous Evening

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February 28, 2017

President Trump has now spoken as to why last night’s Academy Awards was the worst that the once-great ceremony has had to offer in recent history, complete with low ratings and gaffes throughout the night. 

According to President Trump in an an interview with Breitbart, the night focused way too much on politics, straying from its core attributes: glamor, glitz and style. All of that was overshadowed on the stage Sunday night, with seemingly half the winners and presenters going out of their way to slam the POTUS.

“I think they were focused so hard on politics that they didn’t get the act together at the end,” President Trump told Breitbart. “It was a little sad. It took away from the glamor of the Oscars. It didn’t feel like a very glamorous evening. I’ve been to the Oscars. There was something very special missing, and then to end that way was sad.”

The ending he referred to was the accidental announcement of the wrong movie for Best Film.

Host Jimmy Kimmel spared no opportunity to troll Trump, and even tweeted him live onstage during the performance.

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal went off script as a presenter to criticize Trump’s intended wall with Mexico. He did not implore Mexico to take better care of people less fortunate than him and protect them from drug cartels. He looked terrific in that tuxedo, though.

This article was posted: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 7:58 am

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