Pope preaches dogma of reaction in Latin America


Pope preaches dogma of reaction in Latin America

Cesar Uco

5 February 2018

Pope Francis carried out a weeklong tour of Chile and Peru last week that exposed the deeply reactionary character of the Catholic Church that he heads, even as he attempted to defuse mounting popular anger against the two countries’ ruling elites.

Since he assumed the papacy in 2013, the former Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has struck a posture of public humility and sympathy for the poor, attempting to give the decaying institution of Catholicism something of a “left” face, even as he and the Vatican maneuver with the most reactionary regimes on the planet.

It was noteworthy that Bergoglio made no stop in neighboring Argentina during his Latin American visit. He has not set foot in his home country in the five years since being elevated to the position of the Catholic Church’s “supreme pontiff.”

He undoubtedly has good reason to stay away. He was accused by priests and lay workers of collaborating with the military dictatorship as part of a common effort to “cleanse” the Church of “leftists” during Argentina’s “dirty war.”

This collaboration was not merely a personal issue, but was carried out by the entire Argentine church hierarchy, which provided priests cover to bless the military’s torturers and assassins, assuring them they were doing “God’s work.”

The week-long visit by Pope Francis to Latin America has underscored that he has not strayed far from the ideology that guided him and the Argentine Church in aiding the bloody work of the junta.

In Chile, he was dogged by continuous protests, including by those who as children were sexually abused by priests whose actions were covered up by the Church hierarchy. Among the most prominent were…

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