Police Officers Hospitalized After Eating Seized Dispensary Edibles

Two Toronto Police officers have been suspended in a story that includes accusations of eating seized pot edibles, tree climbing and hospital visits, too.

One officer was allegedly flying so high, he ended up in a tree.

It was actually three police officers who were taken to hospital over the weekend after a pot dispensary raid in 13 Division.

Two officers — Const. Vittorio Dominelli, a 10 year veteran, and Const. Jamie Young, who has been on the force for two years — complained of hallucinations, according to a police source. The third officer — who offered assistance — suffered a head wound while trying to help one of the officers.

This is not a comedy sketch. And although many coppers were cracking up over it, they also realize it’s no laughing matter.

“All three were medical emergencies,” said a police source.

It started Saturday night with a raid and seizure of a marijuana dispensary retail outlet in the Black Creek Dr.-Eglinton Ave. area. Two officers tasked with guarding evidence were later allegedly experiencing dizziness and impairment from something consumed from that stash.

After “eating” what was allegedly a seized cannabis edible, the two officers are said to have become separated. One phoned an off-duty colleague who mistook the call for it being a kidnapping and put out a call for backup.

Officers from four divisions, all buzzed in there to assist. At first they could not find either colleague. Seems the male officer was not on the…

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