Police hunt serial sex attacker who assaulted children as young as 11 in southeast London — RT UK

Nine women and children have been sexually assaulted in southeast London during the past three months, police have said. The authorities have released CCTV images of the latest attack in a bid to find the perpetrator.

The man is believed to have sexually assaulted two women between the ages of 25 and 27, as well as seven children aged 11-13, in the areas of Greenwich and Lewisham.

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Police said all of the attacks were perpetrated in broad daylight before the assailant fled on foot. They have now released CCTV images of the latest assault, which took place in Honor Oak Road on Monday.

The attacker is believed to be in his 40s, and has short white or blonde hair.

The spate of sexual assaults took place between June 30 and October 16, with three attacks occurring in the span of just 30 minutes on October 5.

Superintendent Lee Hill of Greenwich Police, who is leading the investigation, said: “These incidents were very frightening for the victims. I am appealing to the public to help identify and locate this man as quickly as possible.

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“Although none of the victims have suffered physical injury, the effects of becoming a victim of sexual assault can be lasting and traumatic.”

He also raised concerns that the suspect may have assaulted more people, but those victims have held back from reporting the assault to police. He urged anyone targeted to come forward.

There are now more police patrols in the area, and officers are working with schools to advise and reassure parents and pupils, added the Superintendent.

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