Police Admit: No-Go Zones in France

A massed Molotov cocktail attack by dozens of nonwhite invaders on a police patrol in Viry-Châtillon, south Paris, has forced police in France to finally admit that the mass Third World invasion of that country has created numerous “no-go” zones.

After the attack France’s prime minister denied that there were no-go zones—but police officials later admitted that there were.

The incident took place at a major intersection in the nonwhite-dominated area of Viry-Châtillon, where there have been so many hijackings and attacks that police installed a CCTV camera to try and identify the culprits.

The local nonwhites have tried several times to destroy the camera, crashing into the camera’s supporting pole with burning vehicles. Police responded by placing large concrete blocks around the pole.

Last weekend, a police patrol vehicle was parked at the intersection, with four officers providing security, according to one of the policemen.

Explaining what happened to the Europe I radio station, he said the policemen were suddenly and without provocation attacked by the nonwhites, who bombarded them with Molotov cocktails.

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