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Leslie Kenton concludes, “It’s little wonder that people are confused about where to go and what to do when they get ill. I personally hear all about this, because I mentor hundreds of men and women throughout the world. They become overwhelmed by the media propaganda and aggressive advertisements they see on television. Our medical industrial complex has turned into a bizarre conglomeration of misinformation, lies and deceptions designed to further the corporate agendas of Big Pharma, government regulatory bodies and mainstream medicine, with little regard for human wellbeing.”

Where did all the madness (pharmaceutical terrorism) come from. Well we can go back to the beginning, and now see in the end “Bayer-Monsanto, soon to be just Bayer, which owns 60% of proprietary seeds and 70% of agrochemicals in the world. There are a lot of industries that wreck havoc on our world. One just has to think of the biggest global banks and oil companies. Think plastics and now think of telecommunication companies that are lusting to bombard us with even more microwave frequencies via their rollout of G5. But there is one field that is much worse than all others: agro-chemicals. At some point, not that long ago, the largest chemical producers, who until then had kept themselves busy producing Agent Orange, nerve agents and chemicals used in concentration camp showers, got the idea to use their products in food production,” writes the Automictic Earth.

Everywhere we go in modern medicine there are dangers that can ruin your life. Even safe procedures are dangerous. For example, “When a doctor orders an MRI, it’s usually is to help detect or rule out something potentially life-threatening, or at the very least, something that could make you…

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