Peshmerga Operations Continue; 167 Killed in Iraq

Peshmerga Operations Continue; 167 Killed in Iraq

Authorities in Dohuk province recorded the births of
over 21,000 babies to displaced people in their camps. Most of the newborns are
from Yazidi families.           

At least 167 people were killed and 63 more wounded:

In Baghdad, three bombings left eight
dead and 22 wounded
. Snipers killed
an employee
of the Justice Ministry.

Peshmerga members were killed
in battles at Qarqashah.

An attack at the Trebil border crossing with Jordan
left nine
, including a civilian, and at least 15 wounded.

A bomb targeting Sunni tribal fighters in Madaen left
dead and five wounded

A civilian
was shot dead
in Quba.

border commandos were wounded
by a suicide
in Ramadi.

A battle in Sinjar left five Peshmerga wounded and 60 militants

Coalition forces bombed a militant hospital in Mosul
28 people and wounding 17 more
. Doctors and nurses were among the

The number of dead in Peshmerga operations over the last
several days has been upped by 35
to a total of 165 killed.

In Hit, an airstrike killed
three militants

Security forces killed
three bombers
in Albu Aitha.

A suicide
was killed in Khalidiya Island.

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