Personal Protection You Can Take Anywhere

We live in trying times. Plenty of readers may live alone or travel a lot alone. The choices for personal protection can be limited due to laws, physical limitations, and more.

While many states allow for concealed carry of firearms if someone can pass a background check, take a course, pay a fee, purchase a firearm, ect, this does little good for those that are not comfortable with firearms or lack the financial resources to purchase one, take classes, and more. 

  • Traditional Self Defense Weapons Are Not Allowed At Many Places

Even with a permit you cannot take a firearm everywhere. There are also restrictions on knives when traveling and even where concealed carry of a knife is allowed, there are limits to size.

Pepper sprays and tasers are also very restricted and sometimes they actually backfire on the person wielding them when not used properly. The type of taser that a civilian can buy is different than the ones you might have seen law enforcement carrying. Pepper spray sometimes does little more than make an attacker angry and sprays can easily get in the eyes of the victim with just a small wind.

Tactical pens offer a reasonable self defense alternative that you can travel with without hassle in most cases. Many of the pens on this list have more than a few uses. While the prospect of stabbing with a pen is anything but pleasant, it is far better to have something useful for defending yourself and not need it than to be caught defenseless.

  • You Will Want To Keep Better Track Of Your Pen

If you have a tendency to lose pens a lot then you are going to want to make an effort to change this because tactical pens are far more expensive than the 10 pk of Bics you are used to buying

Considerations When Picking Out A Style That Is Ideal For…

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