Pentagon reveals true number of US forces in Afghanistan for 1st time

The US Defense Ministry has for the first time announced the number of American forces in Afghanistan, raising its estimate by nearly 3,000.

As the United States was preparing to send even more troops to the war-ravaged country under President Donald Trump, Pentagon Joint Staff Director Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie revealed Wednesday that there were approximately 11,000 uniformed US servicemen and women in Afghanistan, not the roughly 8,400 announced last year.

He asserted that the number was the outcome of a comprehensive review of the forces.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White told Reuters that the announcement does not amount to “a troop increase,” rather it represents an effort for transparency.

McKenzie, meanwhile, declined to say how many more troops were supposed to be added, noting that US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis “still hasn’t made that decision.”

“No troops have started to flow… no deployment orders have been…

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