Pentagon: Airstrikes hit Daesh positions in Libya


The Pentagon claims that US military aircraft has struck Daesh positions in the Takfiri group’s former stronghold in Sirte, Libya.

The US aircraft pounded Daesh targets over the weekend, as the US so-called air campaign entered its third month, the Pentagon said Monday.

The aircraft conducted 20 airstrikes on Sunday alone, hitting mostly “enemy fighting positions,” according to the US military’s Africa Command.

Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis said that all US air raids are done upon requests by UN-supported Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), while the GNA has repeatedly denounced the presence of the foreign forces, saying it violates Libya’s sovereignty.

“Every one of the strikes we do is based on a request from them, and we are down now into the last, densest part of the city,” Davis said.

“As they get to the dense areas, it’s very hard to take out these sniper positions with anything other than air strikes.”

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  • Tim Hadfield

    So called Daesh positions.
    We know the USA is Daesh, so they’re not really going to strike their own (proxy) army.

  • madrino

    The US military does requests now? Slaughter for hire? How much does it charge in order to get the $6.5 trillion it can’t account for (lost) back?