Pelosi says ‘Republicans’ helping her elect Dems to stop Trump

American Mirror
October 1, 2018

Nancy Pelosi told a Texas audience that Republicans are helping her to win the November elections so they can undercut President Trump.

Or President “Bush,” as she said for at least the sixth time since he was sworn into office in 2017.

“Some Republicans have come to us and said the party of Lincoln cannot survive as the party of Bush— excuse me, of Trump,” Pelosi said at the event hosted by the Texas Tribune.

“I love the Bushes, so…” she continued. “The party of Lincoln cannot survive as the party of Trump. And we’re going to help you win the election. We don’t want you to win 23,” she continued in the “Republicans’” voice, referring to the number of seats Democrats must flip to win the majority.

“We want you to win more than that,” she continued. “And then, we can’t beat these people in the primary, you beat them in the general, and then we’ll have our usual debate over the role of government, and respect for other people’s views,” she said.

“Whether they help us or not, we’ll see. But one thing is good: is that all of them are not working against us because they see what’s at stake in the election,” she said.

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She didn’t name the “Republicans” helping her to stop Trump from draining the swamp.

During an interview with KTVU last year, Pelosi also referred to Trump as “President Bush.”

“Everything we have seen so far with the president has been about tax cuts for the rich,” she told the news station.

“In fact, affecting California very directly, is the Affordable Care Act. President, uh, uh, Bush has come out against that as you know,” she said, not correcting herself.

During a weekly press conference in June 2017, the House Minority Leader referred to President Trump as…

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