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France is under siege.  Some 90,000 security forces are being deployed across France with particular attention to always combustible Paris and Marseilles.  Armored vehicles are moving into the capital.  Certain military units are on high alert.

The storm that is hitting France came out of what looked like a clear blue sky.  The angry demonstrators, known as ‘gilets jaunes’ (yellow jackets), for the warning vests all motorists must keep in their cars, inundated Paris last weekend in peaceful  protests over the government’s planned increases in fuel prices, which were already among Europe’s highest.

As too often in France, violent vandals known as ‘the breakers,’ infiltrated the demonstrators and sought to put the most beautiful parts of Paris to the sack.  I watched with horror as the magnificent Arc de Triomphe, France’s premier war memorial, was befouled by spray-can graffiti.  The majestic Champs Élysée was ravaged by hoodlums, who smashed showroom windows, burned cars, looted luxury stores and set scores of fires.

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For people like me who love and esteem France, it was like seeing your mother or daughter being raped by barbarians.  The forces of order in France were overwhelmed and outpaced by the fast-moving bands of ‘breakers.’  Media called them anarchists of far right and far left.  But anarchists have at least political philosophy.  We remember how the Spanish anarchist POUM ruled Barcelona during that nation’s bloody civil war.

The vandals who attacked Paris and other French cities had no philosophy.  They were simply scum of the gutter reveling in an orgy of…

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